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Travel Rip-Off - Spain 2020 Trip

¡Parte final del trágico cuento!

Finally on September 30th I had an email from Travel-Up to say that my claim for a refund would be met within 14 days. As I paid with Tesco Bank MasterCard (way back in September 2019) I was hoping that refund would show on my next statement that they send on the 13th of each month.

By sheer fluke I was making a payment on PayPal for another purchase and went to "activity" and on October 1st there was a credit from Travel-Up. They said back in March, when I made the claim for a refund, that they would keep the cancelation fee of £75 from any refund.

This sounded pretty unfair as I didn't cancel the flights, British Airways did. A lot of people complained. Firstly, Spain was under a government lockdown with Spanish citizens stuck in their homes and unable to leave for any reason other than medical. The British Government banned travel to Spain.

So the amount that PayPal shows as being retuned to my MasterCard account via them is £75 down on what was spent on airfares. At least all the other components paid up in full.

I am grateful to get back most of what I paid out. I still think that Travel-Up have been underhand but there's not a lot can be done, other than when it comes to booking another flight, take my business elsewhere.

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Travel Rip-Off - Spain 2020 Trip

Time to make the rip-off artists pay long term?

Update 28th September 2020

The trip as booked needed to have a lot of the components cancelled and we were very lucky that airport parking, car hire, car hire insurance, hotels and even the RCI timeshare have all been re-credited over a period of months.

Sadly, we are still out of pocket where the airfare is concerned. Between them the travel agent, Travel-Up and British Airways are still stalling. Not even giving a credit note.

Although paid for on a MasterCard even they have been useless at getting the money back.

One thing that can be learned from all this is who you can trust in the future and who you can't.

I hope that anyone that has been burned (ripped off) by these companies remember for the future and never use them again.

Maybe then they will stop bleating to government for bail-outs and treat customers decently and give us our money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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